I just sketched this outfit after a trip to one of my favorite stores, Madewell. I appreciate how the store has a fabulous mix of brights and earthy tones, and the clothing there inspired me to draw a Brights vs. Toned Down outfit- a simple sweater paired with a bright and colorful skirt, bright accessories, and plain shoes makes for a good summer day or night out ensemble. 

p.s. Want the Dip-Dyed hair trend for just a day? Take chalk pastels and draw on the tips of your hair- though you may want to wear a top that you do not care if it gets pastel on it. Sometimes the color leaves a trace! xo

A Pair & A Spare's Sequin Bra DIY

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I absolutely LOVE this DIY! It's super easy, and super cute! Check out Geneva's Sequin Bra DIY featured on Harper's Bazaar website. Also check out her blog, http://apair-andaspare.blogspot.com/. Adorable!


Monday, May 28, 2012

 The only ring I never take off is the one on my ring finger. Not because I'm married, but because it was my mom's when she was my age and it's the only finger it fits on (not only did I get her ring but I got the chubby finger gene too:/). I Love it. It's nice and simple, I forget that I'm wearing it. The other ring is from Moondance, and it was a birthday gift from my parents last year. I rarely wear it at school because I'm paranoid it will fall off and I will feel super guilty.Plus, it's sucks when you loose something that means something to you.

     But, I always wear a varying array of bracelets on my left arm. The rope bracelet is burned on, everyone in my cabin from summer camp has one and you're supposed to wear it until it falls off. The silver band has a little turquoise stone and native designs lining it. I got it at a small flea market while on a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The third is just a leather strap bracelet with gold beads. I love it because it matches with everything, and doesn't override the bracelets next to it. 
    Arm and hand accessories are so easy to wear and fun to MIX together. I love it when I see girls wearing a different ring on each finger. I believe that the rings you wear describe your personality. For me, I only like to wear light and simple pieces that don't consume my style. Most of the time, the things you wear have some sentimental value to them, and you feel joy when you wear them and memories flood back into view. xo

Collars have been a trend this whole year- and I definitely follow it. Whether its a collard shirt under a pullover knit or a collar necklace with a simple dress, they compliment every look and add that "wow" factor. I personally love collars, especially the ones sold at Topshop. i just ordered the circle collar on the top right in gold! You can also find great collars on Asos or Urban Outfitters. They're too cute!xo

The Statement Piece

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Top- Anthropologie, Skirt- Splendid, Coat- Topshop, Boots- H&M

School may be almost over- but the weather in L.A. is definitely not summer weather. I knew I wanted to wear the statement coat, but if I paired it with jeans, I would look to winter-y. Thats why I decided to pair it with a simple black skirt- big fabric-y coats are a perfect way to make a skirt casual. I wore this to school today- I didn't want to look to fancy. This coat is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I purchased it over the summer when I traveled to New York, at my favorite store ever- Topshop. Though it may be almost impossible to wear with many things, its really unique and fun. Also, it turns black and white into something interesting and catches the eye. I absolutely love it!xo


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

                           Top- Anthropologie, Blazer- See by Chloé,
      Jeans- Carmar, Heels- Steve Madden, Bracelet- Marc Jacobs

Red is one of my favorite colors to wear. I don't like it unless it's featured on clothing, actually. Red adds a great color factor- and red fits with every season. Also, red can be casual or fancy side. I love pairing T-shirts or silk tanks with blazers- it makes your look feminine and unique. My aunt gave me the charm bracelet- it was hers from when she was a teen. It's super cute and has die, fruit, and "M" & "J" charms. The heels look good with pretty much everything- a summery dress, pants, or suit. Overall, wearing pops of red is a great idea- and the look would even look good with blue or black jeans because of the red sparkle pin stripe on the blazer.xo


Monday, May 21, 2012

Top- Madewell, Shorts- Carmar, Socks- The closet of mom,
 Shoes- Tokidoki,Bag- Roberta Freymann,Sunglasses- Toms, 
Silver ring- H&M

  I wanted to start off the week with something simple- because I love adding a "pop" to my outfits. So today I wore a denim button-down, white jean shorts, and bright high top sneakers. I got these high tops years ago, and I never wore them, until I found the wedge high top fad- and so they'll have to do until I find the perfect pair. They have some cute ones at LF... Also, it's really cute to mix and match with socks and shoes- contrasting patterns and colors can add a nice touch to any outfit. Wearing socks with Kork-Ease is really adorable too.xo

Lucky Levi's

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Top- Zara, Shorts- Levi's (vintage), Shoes- Dolce Vita

Don't you just LOVE it when you find the perfect pair of vintage Levi's? Well I do. I recently found a great pair of ripped shorts from LF and I've been wearing them a lot lately. They are so comfortable and look good with everything! They're really hard to find- they don't even sell them at the Levi's store- you have to search around whether you find a pair from Wasteland, Slow, Urban Outfitters, or LF. Now to find a pair of hot pink ones with pyramid studs! xo

p.s. that's my dog Ginger. She is the BEST DOGGIE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

 It's almost mother's day, and this is the card I just made for my mom. I got her navy blue Cambridge Satchel Co bag embossed with her initials. I took a cue from Paper Fashion and did a messy water color with a thin pen on top for the details. For the envelope I wrote mom- and it just kind of turned into what it did. I let each color flow with the letters, to create a fun bright look. xo


Thursday, May 10, 2012

 I love polaroids. They are really cool because they add a vintage looking effect to the photo you take. The one above makes me look like I have one blue eye and one brown eye... that would be awesome.... just like Kate Bosworth. I especially love the way how you can personize them by drawing or adding stickers to them. They are fun to experiment with, and look SUPER cute on a bulletin board.xo


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Topshop- Inspiring, chic, energetic, completely amazing. Topshop has been my favorite store for as long as I can remember.  Sadly, I can only go shopping there when I visit New York or order online- which isn't the same as actually being there. Once you walk in, you see a jungle of any and every style there is. It's a store for everyone- boys and girls, young or old, preppy, girly, sporty, or edgy. Sadly, there have been rumors going around that one will soon be opened in LA. You are probably thinking I'm crazy because I just told you it's my favorite store- but i don't want it to come here because then everybody will have Topshop clothes and it won't be my special visiting place when i go on vacation. It would be easier to access though- but my wallet will surely hurt after a stop to the best place on earth (besides Disney Land.)xo

The Giver

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1. Embossed Cambridge Satchel Company bags- aren't they everywhere! They are timeless, and come in every color, and look good with any outfit. Who wouldn't want one of these!?!?

2. Embossed Gucci bag- a little price-y, but well worth it. Every girl's dream, right? I would gladly accept this gift. 

3. Simply beautiful Anthropoligie earrings- perfect price, and the look can be sophisticated or casual.  Who doesn't love a good pair of dangles?

4. CANDY. Its a day when your mom will splurge- so why not make her some sweet treats from the heart? 

5. Cute Anthropologie multi-use cup- for drinks, toothbrush, makeup brushes, even hairbands. Perfect for a bathroom in pink- or in clear for the kitchen.

6. Jonathan Adler Owl wine saver. Cute, Cute, Cute! What a great display- not an ugly piece of plastic- but a porcelain,adorable, animal. Who doesn't love Owls?

7. Jennifer Meyer's "Loveyou" necklace. Already got my mom one of these beautiful accessories- they are so quaint, and they really show your love.

8. Steve Madden Neon Cheetah flats- help mom be more "hip" and "in" with the spring trend of neon without making her look crazy. Super cute. Just got these for myself.

9. Embossed Louis Vuitton bag- no words can explain how amazing these are. They last forever with the memories that come with them. I absolutely love how you get such an impactive decision on the design of the bag. WANT, WANT, WANT. 

10. Pixie Market sunglasses. There's no such thing as too many good pairs of sunglasses. These are fresh and perfect for this spring and upcoming summer.

    Too late to order things online? Alternative last minutes:

- take her to a cool store like Scoop NYC that just opened in LA! 

- bake her cookies- give them to her right out of the oven. Warm chocolate chip cookies are definitely a favorite.

- bring her breakfast in bed! It's a sweet way to display your love and thankfulness for her-for all the breakfasts she's made for you and all of the times when she has woken you up. 

- Buy a cute frame and put a picture of you (and your siblings if you're not an only child)into it. She will love this- trust me, I've done it before. 

      Hope that was helpful- Have a love-filled mother's day.

Colors, Patterns, Bags, + Heels

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Colors, Patterns, Bags, + Heels

Colors are tricky, too many different ones can make you look like a clown. Toned shirts look great with bright shoes, purses, or pants, and  bold tops look great with toned shoes, purses, and bags. Being too match-matchy is not a good thing, you always look more interesting if you demonstrate creative color choices.xo

I love the look of a sophisticated yet girlish dress that can be heavily accessorized. Take Hailee Steinfeld, she amped up her simple mod dress with a jeweled collar! I want one of those... I recently went to Jenni Kayne and spotted many cute mod dresses, some black, some hot pink, and some two-toned. Too adorable! xo
Untitled #4

You can use hair as your accessory, play with color, lengths, layers, braids, and up-dos.xo

What to Wear With: Printed Shorts

What to Wear With: Printed Shorts

Printed shorts can turn an outfit into a mess, so you have to be careful. Always pair the printed shorts with a simple top- do not contrast bold colors or patterns- with quite shoes. Bright prints are hard for the eye already, don't go around blinding people. xo

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