Monday, May 28, 2012

 The only ring I never take off is the one on my ring finger. Not because I'm married, but because it was my mom's when she was my age and it's the only finger it fits on (not only did I get her ring but I got the chubby finger gene too:/). I Love it. It's nice and simple, I forget that I'm wearing it. The other ring is from Moondance, and it was a birthday gift from my parents last year. I rarely wear it at school because I'm paranoid it will fall off and I will feel super guilty.Plus, it's sucks when you loose something that means something to you.

     But, I always wear a varying array of bracelets on my left arm. The rope bracelet is burned on, everyone in my cabin from summer camp has one and you're supposed to wear it until it falls off. The silver band has a little turquoise stone and native designs lining it. I got it at a small flea market while on a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The third is just a leather strap bracelet with gold beads. I love it because it matches with everything, and doesn't override the bracelets next to it. 
    Arm and hand accessories are so easy to wear and fun to MIX together. I love it when I see girls wearing a different ring on each finger. I believe that the rings you wear describe your personality. For me, I only like to wear light and simple pieces that don't consume my style. Most of the time, the things you wear have some sentimental value to them, and you feel joy when you wear them and memories flood back into view. xo


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