Amanda's Safety Pin Necklace DIY

Saturday, June 2, 2012

  After reading this month's Teen Vogue, I became inspired by the bright beachy colors seen on the "Good Vibrations" spread. On a recent trip to H&M, I picked up a chain-y neon layer necklace that reminded me of the cool colors. Now I'll show you what I did to make it even more exiting by adding my own original twist- Safety pins.  



What you will need:
- Layered necklace (Preferably including chains and not to wide)
-Safety Pins (I used silver and gold, but feel free to use any color- Try and paint them too!)

Open a safety pin cautiously, then if possible attach the pin through a chain layer (this helps keep the pin in place), then close the pin around the whole of the different layers (If you chose a necklace that has many layers and the pin can't fit, it's still cute if you close it before the last layer). Repeat this step until you're satisfied with the amount of pins you attached. 

Step back and look at your necklace. Are you happy with the turn out? If not, move the layers around through the pins until it looks right. The piece is supposed to look effortless- if your necklace tangles it adds a nice touch! 

Wear it! I think this necklace presents a "girly meets punk" style, so I arranged it with a ripped up white T-shirt from LF and black jeans. Remember, with a busy necklace like this, simplicity is bliss! Don't pair it with contrasting patterns, colors, or shapes. 

Hope you liked my first DIY! There are more to come soon... xo


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