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Monday, June 18, 2012

I love headbands. They're an amazing accessory that many people forget about, even me. When I was recently reading Teen Vogue, I was inspired by some of the headbands I saw in the magazine, so I decided to make a post about just 3 of the many ways to wear a headband. 

1. Scarf it- This is a vintage Gucci neck scarf passed down to me. I really love the seashell pattern, and when I was experimenting with it, I realized that it was ADORABLE as a headband! It gives out a boho vibe. CAUTION: don't use long scarfs for this unless they're silk, it will look weird. 

2.Bejeweled- This is a tiara-esque headband I bought from Zara. I especially love jeweled headband because they are girly and antique looking at the same time. They add a sweet vibe to any outfit. With this headband,I let some hair loose in the front. That makes the diamond headband more casual. CAUTION: don't wear with to much jewelry- you don't want it to look like you're playing dress up. 

3.Abstract- Vintage headband from SLOW on Melrose- It's kinda weird, but that's why I love it. It has sequins and beads and it's made of a funky ribbon-like fabric. I don't wear it very often, because it doesn't look good with a lot of outfits. I wear it as if it were a sweatband- because it's so big. I like how it's different though- I won't see anybody wearing it. I love it when I find something cute at vintage shops. CAUTION: don't crowd this crazy headband! keep the outfit simple.     


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