Friday, June 22, 2012

These are three outfits I put together after my birthday shopping spree, where I went to Madison T, LF, Zara, Madewell, and Bloomingdales. Surprisingly, the stores all had a marvelous selection to chose from- which wasn't so marvelous for my grandma and my mom who paid for the day... Anyway, when I went shopping, I came home with three pairs of fun shorts, and the shorts are tricky to pair with. 

1. with amazingly adorable high-wasted jean shorts, it's cuter to wear a short or cropped top instead of something tucked in. I wore a silk Madewell top with my Furst of a Kind vintage Levi's from LF, and the look turned out to be fantastic. Note- when wearing tie-dyed shorts, keep it simple with a solid color on the top. 

2. with silk shorts, it's super adorable to wear a t-shirt on the top. I paired my new Zara silk shorts with my Madison T t-shirt, because the two match perfectly. Since the shorts and the top are toned, I added a bright yellow clutch. Note- don't pair silk shorts with a silk top- just don't. Also, when wearing nice shorts with a t-shirt, its cute when you add layered necklaces. 

3. colored shorts look good with a lot. To achieve the indie/ boho/ Madewell look, I paired my Free People yellow jean shorts with my Madison T blouse and clogs. The whole outfit reflects sweetness and good style. Colored jeans are not too hard to work with, in fact every shirt I bought yesterday looks good with my yellow ones, and most colored jeans can fall under any style category. Note- don't pair bright shorts with a bright top. 

Remember! Have a wonderful summer and expand your fashion horizons! try on a pair of crazy shorts. Experiment with different styles. xo


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