Sunday, October 28, 2012

Madewell top, Jennifer Meyer studs

I woke up this morning with a head of tasseled inconsistent waves- a case of bed head.  So, because this weather has been so hot, I decided to style my hair with the famous Heidi braided up-do look. The style is even cooler when you have ombre hair like mine, so the two tones are on top of each other. Also, you can add cute accents to it, like flowers, decorative pins, or even drawing on the braids with colorful chalk. Braiding in a chain necklace or a ribbon would be cool as well.

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Into Now: 2 Toned Nails

Friday, October 26, 2012

Nails: Topshop glitter polish, Sephora pale pink polish, Illamasqua hot pink polish
Bracelets: Camp rope, 14 Karats, Gifted 
Madewell sweater, American Apparel leggings and top, Superga shoes

After a long school week, It's great to hang out with friends in casual cute outfits like the classic legging-sweater combo. Adding a cute blouse and lace ups like Keds, Vans, and Supergas just amps up the totally easy to wear ensemble.

I love trying new things with nail designs, and I recently found cute ways to decorate short nails. Confessions of a nail biter: paint them really well so you don't want to ruin the designs! I just found this 2 toned nail idea from missladyfinger.tumblr.com. Like it?

Nail tip-  Better at doing one hand than the other? Keep it simple! Just do what you want on one hand, then paint the other hand regularly with no designs! 

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Topshop sweater, Urban Outfitters blouse, Carmar jeans,
 Dolce Vita boots, Miu Miu bag

I don't know when the trend became so popular, but it did. Collars under crew necks is a genius idea. So easy, so cute! I have a bunch of collared shirts that are all different- some with studs, diamonds, beads, and cool prints, that are cool to pop out of a dull sweater. This trend is perfect for the usual shapeless button down that you'll only wear once, because you can just match it with cool sweaters until you get the perfect combination. That happened to me with this shirt- I got it last spring and I never wore it- I like the pattern, but its kind of boring for me. So, I matched it with an awesome cut-out sweater I purchased at Topshop- so you can see the print and the collar without seeing the shape.Great all year round - for girls and guys alike, it looks great on everyone. Love ittttt! 

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p.s. I just the pumpkin was cute, it was made for my aunt's wedding shower. 

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Monday, October 22, 2012

experimenting with headbands and cat eyes

cool sweater sleeves from H&M

80's Dance with Lily

a found polaroid from 1st grade with Maude

art class ombre 

my ootd 

sketch made in Latin and Geometry class

Henry and I

Magnolia's famous Banana pudding

my eye


little Amanda

I love instagram. TBT's are the cutest, the food pics make me hungry, the friends selfies fun, the art and fashion inspiring. I have always loved photography, and I consider my instagram as a blog of my whole life. 



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Zara top and jacket, Levi's shorts, DKNY tights, Topshop wedges, Balenciaga bag,
 Jennifer Meyer earrings 

I love wearing outfits that look great and are super comfy. Today I went for the good old high waisted denims and sheer tights. I also tried the newly-in "Blair Waldorf" headband trend. Who doesn't love Blair? And her wardrobe? I added some old pieces to the mix with my ART necklace that I found while rummaging through storage last weekend, and a beautiful bag that my mom just gave to me from her own haul of storage. What a good start to a boring school week. The jacket is one of my favorites- it has a cool vintage vibe to it, and the quilting is super retro. 

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Stunning Stella

Friday, October 12, 2012

Stella McCartney scarf, Madewell sweater, Carmar jeans,
 Superga shoes

FINALLY! SWEATER WEATHER! Today, I decided to wear something comfy- but whenever I wear comfy, I add at least one cute accessory. Today, I wore a gorgeous Stella McCartney scarf I received for my birthday from one of my best friends. Because my birthday was during the summer, I hadn't been able to wear it, but now since it's cold, I can! I love polkadots, and scarfs are super cute with casual outfits- they add some sophistication. 

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Polka Dot Scarf



Motorcycle Jacket

Sunday, October 7, 2012

H&M jacket, Zara top, LF leggings, Topshop booties, Kate Spade clutch, Jennifer Meyer necklace, Toms shades 

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, after I went out shopping for DIY supplies, I got comfy in leggings and a white T. But, to go out to dinner, I threw on this ├╝ber cute motorcycle jacket from H&M- a great buy. With leather booties and a crystal clutch, this is a minimal item outfit filled with a lot of character. 

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(Mitzvah) Style

Yesterday was my cousin Zoe's Bat Mitzvah. It was a beautiful occasion, and very pink. These occasions are bit tricky to dress for, you must be fancy and sophisticated, but not party wear. So, whether your #twinning in Lanvin, in head to toe Topshop, or plain black heels and skirts, Bat Mitzvah dressing is quite fun, for me at least, I love dressing up and wearing heels. My favorite clothes are the ones I wear at special occasions.


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