Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Topshop sweater, Urban Outfitters blouse, Carmar jeans,
 Dolce Vita boots, Miu Miu bag

I don't know when the trend became so popular, but it did. Collars under crew necks is a genius idea. So easy, so cute! I have a bunch of collared shirts that are all different- some with studs, diamonds, beads, and cool prints, that are cool to pop out of a dull sweater. This trend is perfect for the usual shapeless button down that you'll only wear once, because you can just match it with cool sweaters until you get the perfect combination. That happened to me with this shirt- I got it last spring and I never wore it- I like the pattern, but its kind of boring for me. So, I matched it with an awesome cut-out sweater I purchased at Topshop- so you can see the print and the collar without seeing the shape.Great all year round - for girls and guys alike, it looks great on everyone. Love ittttt! 

get the look


p.s. I just the pumpkin was cute, it was made for my aunt's wedding shower. 


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