Stud Heaven

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Zara flats and top, Carmar jeans, Balenciaga bag, 
Anthropology bracelet

After a sweet Pinkberry and and a denim trip to LF, I am finally able to show how I wore these lovelies. I paired these heavenly flats with rolled up blue jeans and a sheer black chiffon and leather top, my favorite black bag, and a pretty bracelet that I recently found from when I was in elementary school.  These shoes are my new favorite, although along with the many compliments- they got me some blisters. Maybe should have worn them in before I wore them on a school day? Better luck next time hopefully. 



How to Wear: Zara Studded Flats (Topshop Twist)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Zara Studded Flats, Everything else:

Ever since a recent Zara outing, I have been obsessed with theses amazing studded ballerina flats. Whether its the ankle wrap, the gold, or the quaint heel, these shoes are to die for. Here are only two ways to wear them- a school day and a party. With busy flats like this, keep the rest of your outfit simple with minimal accessories. LOVE!


Nailed it!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

After a few minutes of organizing five polishes in a gradient sequence, I nailed the perfect color value scale! I have been loving the not-so-common mixing with reds and pinks, so girly and dramatic! This is the alternative to the extremely difficult polish ombre on each finger... and this version is just as cool! I advise you to try it out- with any colors!


The Essentials

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

With school off, I decided to do an art project. I've been into art that incorporates fashion lately, so I made a series of four pieces with a minimal outlook on the "essentials". These watercolors include nail polish, sunglasses, Chanel makeup, keys, lipgloss, rings, Smith's Rosebud Slave, earrings, and my favorite- French macaroons. I messed around with different mediums like watercolors, acrylics, glitter, micron pens, pearl stickers, and colored pencils. Absolutely adoring the finished product, I taped them to my wall with the best thing ever- mt adhesive tape. You can find little rolls of the tape in cool colors and patterns, I purchased neon pink and green, and black and white polka dotted ones, at Paper Source. They make it easy to show art- they don't ruin the paper or wall paint. 
(That I know of). 


Sunday Cinema

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Brandy Melville sweater, Rebecca Taylor top, 
American Apparel leggings, Sam Edelman boots,
Clare Viviere purse

This is my go-to chilly weather outfit- leggings (the best), boots, a cropped sweater, and a long silk top. Cute, easy, and comfy, all at the same time. Perfect for seeing a movie in, and it's a day and night outfit. My family and I saw the latest James Bond movie today, Skyfall, and it was pretty great. Also, the new Adele song for it is amazing!!!Happy week!


p.s. The iPhone 5 camera is absolutely impressive... these photos are almost as good as my camera's! 

p.p.s. As you can see, I take my Sideways Fashion notebook with me everywhere!

luminous snake

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gap skirt, T by Alexander Wang top, Steve Madden wedges,
 JJ Winters clutch, Stella and Dot knuckle ring

That one statement piece. 
I absolutely adore skirts- but I can never find one. This is a recent hand me down from my mom- surprisingly from the Gap. In past years, Gap has not been my style, but It has slowly become higher in fashion. I was in one the other day and I saw an adorable sweater:Find it here. Also, a new controversial trend is the knuckle ring, and because my fingers are so huge, a normal ring could serve as that for me. My aunt got me the edgy snake ring for my birthday, and it is way to small. Then I stated seeing people wearing interesting rings on the top half of their fingers and it inspired me. I don't know.. it's kinda cool. 

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Subtle Beauty

Monday, November 12, 2012

 When it comes to makeup, I don't cake a lot on. For my everyday look, I go for something really light and somewhat natural. I don't usually wear eye shadow, but when I do, it's a light neutral, preferably with a little bit of shimmer.  I'm pretty sure I stole the Chroma eye shadow that I used today from my mom. I love how a little bit of it goes a long way. I dropped it a couple months ago, so the powder block is a total crumbled mess, but I still get a good use out of it. Something I absolutely wear everyday is eye liner. Black smokey lines really make my blue green eyes pop, I usually get mine at Sephora. I don't use mascara a lot, because I think it's totally noticeable and better for dinners than lunches. When I do use it, I like anything minimal, like Benefit. I also don't really need to use blush, my face reddens on its own. But I love the packaging of this MAC blush, my mom got it for me on Valentines day a couple years ago, and I think it's adorable with the heart on it. It's also ombre from pink to purple, kind of funky, but cool. Cover-up is my must have. I was recently recommended the Jane Iredale products, and they are amazing. LOVE!!!


Comfy Chic

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Free People T-shirt, TNA leggings, LF boots, J.Crew button down, YSL bag, Ray Bans shades

What a beautifully lazy Sunday with my dog Ginger. I love long weekends!

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Tavi Weekend #2

Friday, November 9, 2012

The night was a total success. It wasn't to crowded, so my aunt and I had two conversations with Tavi. She was so down to earth and sweet- she gave me some great blog advice and she even complimented my necklace (not pictured in my last post), that used to be my moms. I didn't end up wearing the headband but I think I will tomorrow at her workshop or dance party. 

More pictures to follow!


p.s. She wrote everyone's names in her own secret code and took time to talk to everybody. She was so lovely!  

Tavi Weekend #1

My mom's top, Vince coat, Kate Spade trousers, Topshop boots, Clare Vivier bag, DIY headband

I just spent the last couple hours picking out what to wear tonight and making Tavi-esque headbands. Tonight I'm going to her book signing at Diesel Brentwood with my aunt hilary, and I could not be more stoked. The headband was super easy to make too- I just covered a white plastic headband with pipe cleaners with a hot glue gun and added little Japanese shoe erasers on top. I have like a million of those fun erasers from when I was younger that are now in storage, so now I plan to use them. I'll show you the other one tomorrow- it has Hello Kitty on it! 

More pictures to follow. 


Recent Instagrams

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My grandma's 50 year old college sweatshirt, my new favorite item. 

A great day a couple weeks ago.

 A beautiful bracelet my mommy got for me!

Mini snack at Caffe Luxx. 

Little Amanda. 

Elliot and Henry color coordinating.

Sideways Fashion.

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