A Totally Tavi Halloween

Thursday, November 1, 2012

H&M dress, Ca$hmere sweater, vintage Hello Kitty necklace, Superga shoes, Miu Miu bag,
 DIY headband

This year for Halloween, I was a huge inspiration of mine, Tavi Gevinson. When I was 11, my aunt showed me her style blog, http://www.thestylerookie.com, and that was the day I decided that one day I would make my own blog. And I did. Because of her. I came up with this idea after being disappointed with AAHS costumes. They are all so ugly or sexy! My favorite costumes are the ones that have meaning- characters from favorite movies(Moonrise Kingdom), artists(Andy Warhol), or just someone you admire(Tavi Gevinson, Marilyn Monroe). After stalking her blog and looking through my closet, I decided on Tavi's signature puffy skirt- fun sweater combo. Sadly, my outfit had no cool vintage elements like she always wears. I have always wanted that cool grungy 50's look, but I can't just change my whole wardrobe right out of a cheesy vintage store. I really need to find a good vintage store. 

I made the headband myself- just bought a plastic white plain headband on Amazon, and bought some fake white roses from Michael's. Then, with purple and sparkly fabric paint, I painted each pedal. Then I hot glued them on. That easy.

Right now at H&M, they have the cutest collars! Surprising right? Well, I bought two of them. I love them so much. The hello kitty necklace came from my five year old HK-obsessed self. I'm actually still obsessed, and Halloween was the perfect time to show off my hello kitty items, including an HK bracelet from my HK Bat Mitzvah. 

I drew a portrait of Tavi on PS just to get some inspirational juices flowing. I really like her headbands. She is way too cool.


p.s. How to wear fake bangs- take a little section from each front side of a middle part. Then brush them together, and flip them onto the top of your head, and cover the section with a headband. Then carefully pull the section so that it lays evenly above your brows. Add bobby-pins for extra support behind the headband. Well-ah!


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