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Saturday, January 26, 2013

As the cold and rainy weather makes a comeback, so do elementary-school primary colors. Red, blue, and yellow brighten up the otherwise grey days of LA's surprisingly cold winter. Things like Metallic Loafers and sparkly makeup have become wanted by many, but must be done right.
 With the loafers, keep it simple on top. Black pants or jeans and solid sweaters would do it for me. With the makeup, such as golden lips and sapphire eyes, DO NOT wear that on a daily basis. Maybe for a photo shoot with friends or a party, but no one wants to look like they kissed Martha Stewart at school or at work, that is unless your at NYFW.
 Also, the  comic/superhero trend has popped up. Pows and Kapows can be seen at Topshop. The Chanel nail polish iPhone Cases are amazing too, whoever came up with that is genius.  

xo amanda jane 


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