Friday, February 22, 2013

Today was like a dream. I got to visit the Chanel showroom on Rodeo Drive with my aunt Zoë, where her best friend Annie, the head of Chanel's PR, gave us a tour of the "Chanel Haut Couture 2013" collection- never to be in stores. Annie explained the part of her job where she gets to dress her clients (such as celebrities and socialites) in Chanel gowns, shoes, bags, and accessories for amazing events. Being Oscar weekend, the room was equipped with some of the most beautiful clothing I have ever seen in my life. I was told that each dress was hand made, some including thousands of sequins, hand painted flowers, and feathers (like the wedding gowns). I absolutely love the way that pieces in the room are totally different (material, color, and style-wise), but still look phenomenal together as a cohesive collection. 

FACT: They change the wall paper in the showroom whenever there is a new collection, so that everything is complete and perfect. 

xo amanda jane, who is extremely happy right now. 

p.s. I was totally starstruck when Chloe Grace Moretz walked in... 


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