Saturday, March 30, 2013

 J. Crew blazer and iPhone case// Zara top, clutch, and trousers// Gap sneakers// Chanel necklace// LF arrow knuckle ring// Jill Roberts ring// Lipstick Queen lipstick// Juicy Couture wallet

   Geez! I've never had to list the items within my bag...luckily each one of them was worth mentioning. First off, there is never a wrong time for my glitter case. Second of all, I was happy to try out a gift from my friend Jane- this amazing neutral lipstick that I adore. I'm not the biggest makeup person, so it's perfect for me. The wallet was a gift, my first ever "designer" belonging- suuuuuppppeeerrr old!Lastly the clutch itself? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G right? Zara is always up on the newest trends, including this clear clutch one. 

   Speaking of Jane, I was over at her house today, and she conducted this shoot, and let me borrow her fantastic Chanel necklace!Her little sister, Sunny Jo, was obviously there as well. At first it was annoying that she wouldn't leave us alone, but then I realized that it was actually pretty funny and cute that she wanted so badly to be in the pictures. So here's to you Sunny- a whole post dedicated to your crazy self.

   Recently I've realized that most of my wardrobe consists of Zara.I might be obsessed with it. It's just such a great shop. I went there yesterday in search of my annual Coachella outfit search and left with three outfits for the weekend plus these awesome 'fancy pants'. I'd like to think I'm known for wearing the coolest pants. Pants can truly be so much more instrumental than people think they can be. 

Enjoy my blue outfit. And slightly blue face. 

xo amanda jane


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