Thursday, March 28, 2013

   These items may just be the greatest of this whole year (so far). I guess there is always a goal a designer  strives to reach to be the most different- yet most lusted for. Though, an idea circling through my mind has been that the biggest piece of the fashion industry is the name- without the name, you are nothing. Just think about it- lets say that you see the Celine SS 13 fur sandals at Forever 21. You would think they were the MOST hideous shoes ever. Which they kinda are to tell the truth. But they are Celine. And anyone would be glad to have them. 

   That goes along with the other items- as for the Eugenia Kim 'kitty' cap, one would automatically say "It's not halloween" or "Your not five years old". But now, everyone is meowing for one (no pun intended). Now for the so called 'Book Bag'. This has been an absolute NEED for me ever since I laid my eyes on one. How ingenious! How peculiar! How spectacular! Love the whole idea truly. But thank goodness they havent made a Hunger Games or twilight addition- keeping it classic is totally the way to go. 

   Every year, seamlessly simple articles are taken and twisted into works of highly respected and amazing art. Bravo to all the masterminds out there. 


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