DIY/ Jill Sander Inspired Tulle Beanie

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The genius Jill Sander came up with this absolutely awesome beanie, including a veil. Becasue there was a not even a slight chance that my parents would even consider buying me a $430 beanie, I took matters into my own hands. Making this piece was as easy as tying a shoe. 

What you need: Any colored beanie, that can fold (better longer than shorter), and a yard of Tulle Netting. I bought both of these items on Amazon for like 10 bucks total. 

Step #1: Try the hat on. Fold it where it looks best on you. Record the spot that you folded it (That is where you will sew the tulle).

Step #2: Cut your tulle- you don't need to use the whole yard. Make the cut a couple inches larger than the circumference of your head. Note- when the hat is on your head, it's bigger, so when measuring the tulle, do it while the hat is on. If you just do  the measurement of the hat while it's off, the tulle will snap when you try to put it on- it will be too small. 

Step #3: Take one side of the tulle and line the top or bottom of the fabric with the mark of your fold- it doesnt really matter, as you can see I switched up having the fabric lined up at the top and the bottom. I used a sewing machine, but you can hand sew, to create a zigzag pattern.

Step #4: Attach the other side of the tulle to the sewn on side, with a couple inch overlap. Repeat step 3, and make sure to line your second stitches with your first, so that it looks neat. 

Step #5: Fold the hat where the stitching is, put the hat on, and play around with how much you want your tulle exposed. If you want it to cover less of your face, just carefully tuck some of the tulle into the fold.

That's it! 


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