Monday, April 29, 2013

A classic trend for a classic LA spring. I must go to Zara soon and try on these amazing florals! Perfect for the end of school and beginning of summer. 

xo amanda jane 


Sunday, April 28, 2013

This weekend my older brother took his girlfriend Devyn (of Arbitrarily Voguish) to her High School prom. In my opinion, most dresses especially made for proms are super cheesy. That's why I loved the way Devyn went clad in woven and shiny silver- I told you she was edgy! Something simple yet striking is perfect for prom, much cuter than floor length coral gowns dripping with huge rhinestones. 

Some favorites for prom season:

xo amanda jane


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Topshop dress // Kork-Ease heels // Madewell socks // Zara clutch 

Any 3rd grader would know that orange and blue are complimentary. To me, they are the best pair of complimentary colors, because red + green = Christmas and yellow + purple = Lakers.Blue and orange, however, are very summery and fun. I chose to wear a navy and bronze dress with socks and sandals(weird but I like it.) The clear clutch has been a savior lately- because it matches EVERY outfit. 

xo amanda jane 


Friday, April 19, 2013

It's been a long time since I have drawn something... probably because I've been absolutely swamped with schoolwork. Friday afternoons and weekends are the best time for my to draw, because I usually stay up super late attempting to finish what I've started. Here's Gwyneth Paltrow, one of my favorite fashion icons, sporting a dress and heel design by moi. I guess it kinda resembles her... right? 

xo amanda jane 

FASHION MATH: Expect the Unexpected

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Loving these unique THREE FLOOR tank dresses for spring, but I absolutely hate wearing sleeveless. Strange yet amazing fix? A boyfriend button-up with the collar peeking out! Great for more structured dresses- a blazer would look just as good with a loose tank dress for a fix. With pretty much any of the Three Floor dresses, a white top would look great under. But how about adding pops of color? Perfect for Spring, especially with cute strappy sandals or flats. J. Crew is a really good place to find basics, i.e. the button-ups, and the not so basics, i.e. the shoes. Happy Wednesday!!!

xo amanda jane 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1. Balmain ├╝ber-edgy metallic top. Done in any other way, it would resemble a cheap makeup bag. Pink is and always will be my favorite color, though I have come to realize pink is not that common in many wardrobes. That's why this top really stood out to me (other than the fact that it's bright, shiny, and spiky). 
2. Givenchy dreamy poolside dress, as I would call it. An amazing example of how to wear sleeves in Spring. A floral sweatshirt dressed up with an angelic skirt and swim cap? The weirder it is, the most talked about. Another awesome color pallet. 
3. Proenza Schouler Wintery wow- perfect for Spring. Although toned down in color scheme, the outfit is quite fantastic for being just black and white. I'm not sure if the cow-eque skirt would look good with anything else, but I sure would add the heels and top to my closet if I could. Sleek and chic and right to the point.

p.s. I was too lazy to make a Coachella day three post, but I would like to say that I had a lovely time and Vampire Weekend was my favorite set. 

xo amanda jane


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yesterday, I hung out with my brother and his girlfriend Devyn, blogger of ARBITRARILY VOGUISH. Both sporting headwear, we decided to make a joint Coachella post (no pun intended). She is way more edgy than me, wearing leather shorts, a studded bag, vintage top, and patterned head-wrap. I, on the other hand, opted for a more girly look, with a pink blouse (yes, I was dying of heat but fashion hurts) vintage jean shorts, and a floral wreath. 

Go visit Devyn's blog- It's beyond amazing. Day 3 here we come!!!

Shows/ Celebrities that I saw and that I liked:
Grizzly Bear
Two Door Cinema Club
Paris Hilton
Kellan Lutz 
Levin Rambin 
New Order

Us and the Man Repeller. I am stoked that we actually got to meet her! Just look at her choker! 

xo amanda jane


Friday, April 12, 2013

Topshop top // Vintage shorts // Vans slip-ons // Marc Jacobs cross-body // Kate Spade Shades

This is me, awkwardly posing in front of a metallic snail, located in the middle of thousands of hipsters, at this year's Coachella. I just left, but my feet remember the walking from show to show, and my sunburnt skin remembers the 90 degree weather. Day one was great. I went for an easy look- it's amazing how when T-shirts are substituted with silk tops like this one, the whole outfit looks more chic- while being just as comfortable (almost).

Shows/ Celebrities that I saw and that I liked:
Kate Bosworth
Beach House
Alex Pettyfer (swoon)
Ed Westwick (swoon)
Passion Pit
Emma Roberts
Local Natives
Anna Sophia Robb
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Jessica Szohr

I totally freaked when I saw Alex and Ed. Who wouldn't???


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yesterday I bought the Beyonce volume @ 10/6, an adorable little shop on Melrose. Quite inspiring, these magazines. Also they are made out of this cool and sustainable material- I think they are more like coffee table books. That means I like to keep them forever!

xo amanda jane

ARM (and ear and neck and finger and nose) CANDY

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I made all of these bright gems up last night. Neon and crazy jewels will never go out of style, and are especially in style this Spring. Jewelry keeps on getting more creative and unique. 

1. The reversible ring- either row of stones is awesome. 
2. A new trend in which the backing of an earring is just as substantial as the front. 
3. The Body-Part-Bangle: Lips and eyes are most common.
4. The double ring= one finger equipped with two rings connected by a delicate chain. 
5. DANNIJO inspired candy earrings- youthful and yummy!
6. A dangerous bangle which has neon yellow and glittery gold spikes.
7. Inspired by MMM Nose Piece SS 13 - I can't tell if it's cool or just too weird. 
8. The Heart Monitor: I need this ring in real life.
9. Just a fun band- silver with neon touches. Safe and edgy at the same time.
10. Ahh the good old camp bracelet. It's amazing how high a price a designer can put one of these wraps, which a five year old can make just as well. 
11. My obsession ATM- statement necklaces containing neon jewels. Needdddd! Here is one I'm hoping to purchase: http://us.asos.com/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=2674875

GREAT for Coachella and the Spring Forward. 
xo amanda jane


Thursday, April 4, 2013

 Topshop bomber and denim // Gap T-shirt // Zara bag // Gee Wawa wedges

This is me basking in the glory of LA's last moments of Sweater Weather. I'm super upset about this, so I need to wear all the best of the season before the season comes to a bitter end (right in time for Coachella, I might add). So, I wore this awesome varsity bomber and torn jeans that are so comfy. This is perfect outfit for hanging with friends (what I did while wearing it)- plus the wedges add a touch of chicness. The bag is one of my favorites- I wear it at school a lot, it holds binders, my sketchbook, and my thousands of lip glosses very nicely. Plus on a day like today, it hides my chunky camera case while I don't use it. 

xo amanda jane


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

To tell the truth, I used to absolutely HATE the color red. But now, I actually love it- it will always be classic, and bright without being neon. Here are some red hot items for this spring:

xo amanda jane


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I tried something new last night- the good old Micron pen, size 005 to be exact. It was actually quite difficult, because like everyone knows, pens do not erase. That means if the mistake is minor, learn to either live with it or work with it. If it's major, well, there is always photoshop. I looked at a photo of Georgia Jagger (supermodel daughter of Mick Jagger)during the process. She has the best gap tooth-plump lip situation. I made up the dress as I went along, and when I was finished, I thought that it looked kinda Marc Jacobs. So I made a fake ad. I will definitely do this again sometime soon. 

Dedicated to Ali Beallor.

xo amanda jane


Monday, April 1, 2013

Hilary's "Hipster House". I love every inch of it- From her two closets to her amazing photo wall. She decorated her house so cutely- everything in it stays true to her minimal artsy style. Oh and I would love to mention she has 18 pairs of Toms- that she says that she has never worn to work, or anywhere else for that matter. She just married her love Arthur two weeks ago, so the house is filled with little reminders- her awesome rehearsal dinner invite still on the fridge, the Groom's handkerchief, the 'Bride' and 'Groom' name plates, the matchbox, the wine bottle, and the countless 'H' and 'A's. I would like to think that I coined the H loves A motto of the couple after I designed the invite to her first wedding shower, which included it. But whatever. With her move from New York, she brought with her many cute items, including many of the photos placed on the mantle. Some of them are vintage, some are her own photos, and one is this awesome sketch of the couple by her friend Meghan. I dream that one day my house will live up to the personality this one maintains, and that I'll have an image of a wonderful designer hanging in my bedroom too. 

xo amanda jane

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