ARM (and ear and neck and finger and nose) CANDY

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I made all of these bright gems up last night. Neon and crazy jewels will never go out of style, and are especially in style this Spring. Jewelry keeps on getting more creative and unique. 

1. The reversible ring- either row of stones is awesome. 
2. A new trend in which the backing of an earring is just as substantial as the front. 
3. The Body-Part-Bangle: Lips and eyes are most common.
4. The double ring= one finger equipped with two rings connected by a delicate chain. 
5. DANNIJO inspired candy earrings- youthful and yummy!
6. A dangerous bangle which has neon yellow and glittery gold spikes.
7. Inspired by MMM Nose Piece SS 13 - I can't tell if it's cool or just too weird. 
8. The Heart Monitor: I need this ring in real life.
9. Just a fun band- silver with neon touches. Safe and edgy at the same time.
10. Ahh the good old camp bracelet. It's amazing how high a price a designer can put one of these wraps, which a five year old can make just as well. 
11. My obsession ATM- statement necklaces containing neon jewels. Needdddd! Here is one I'm hoping to purchase:

GREAT for Coachella and the Spring Forward. 
xo amanda jane


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