Thursday, April 4, 2013

 Topshop bomber and denim // Gap T-shirt // Zara bag // Gee Wawa wedges

This is me basking in the glory of LA's last moments of Sweater Weather. I'm super upset about this, so I need to wear all the best of the season before the season comes to a bitter end (right in time for Coachella, I might add). So, I wore this awesome varsity bomber and torn jeans that are so comfy. This is perfect outfit for hanging with friends (what I did while wearing it)- plus the wedges add a touch of chicness. The bag is one of my favorites- I wear it at school a lot, it holds binders, my sketchbook, and my thousands of lip glosses very nicely. Plus on a day like today, it hides my chunky camera case while I don't use it. 

xo amanda jane


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