Thursday, May 9, 2013

It felt really nice to draw last night after a couple stress filled weeks of no time to do so whatsoever. As I may have stated in many earlier posts, Leandra Medine of is not only on my top-sites page, but she has been my idol for my 9th grade year. What really impresses me is her hundred-layer-don't-care (that was supposed to rhyme somewhat) attitude. She can pull off anything and everything, even a clown-suit (which isn't that crazy of an example), because even that would look absolutely amazing on her. To top that off, I met her at Coachella this year with a quite shaky shoulder tap and a shy "excuse me", and she is genuinely a very nice and easygoing person. She sends out a great message to everyone- wear what makes you feel good and don't let anyone stop you. 
I take this message quite seriously and I do wear whatever I want, even if my parents, brothers, and friends think I look like a complete weirdo. All I have to say to them is " you don't know what's fashionable becuase you don't read at least ten fashion blogs a day" or "you're lucky I don't look good in overalls (Repellers will understand this)". 
Thanks Leandra- keep on inspiring me over multiple social media outlets. You are a very amazing woman.

xo amanda jane 


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