Thursday, May 30, 2013

Girls wearing all Brandy Melville outfits//Soulcycle logo//A Pressed Juice 

I would like to just touch upon some modern fixations that have risen this school year, Death By Brandy Melville being one of them. Not that I don't like Melville's extremely comfortable clothing, but I find it crazy that on a normal school day, at least 15 girls are wearing a Brandy skirt in a different color and pattern. One thing about the brand that I admire though is that the clothing is all 'One Size Fits All', so basically that's the reason it's possible that more than half of the school owns at least one Brandy item (or every single item, in some cases). I have acquired the ability, along with many other individuals, to detect if a piece is from Brandy Melville by the iconic crop-tops, skull sweaters, and bralettes. 

Once the Brandy skirts are exchanged for spandex shorts, many Brandy lovers enjoy a workout at their nearest Soulcycle. Who doesn't love Rihanna on full blast while sweating just as much as the 20 people around you? I don't. I have tried Soulcycle one time and I hated it! I'm sure I'm the only one though, because based off of the merchandise around campus and the "wanna do Soulcycle on Saturday?" question, it's a favorite for many people. 

I've always wanted to try a Pressed Juice, but I have simply not had the time. I think it's fine to drink one for a snack or breakfast, but when people do the Juice Cleanse, it's too much. 6 juices only for 3 days does not sound very healthy to me. And for $200? I think not. Some of them do look very tasty, but I don't think I would be into the ones that label things that I can't tell if they are a fruit, vegetable, or herb. I think it's funny when I overhear someone asking something like "Have you tried the kale, cayenne, aloe vera, cilantro, coconut meat, watercress, lemongrass, mint, spinach, filtered water flavor?"

I wonder what the trends will be next school year...

xo amanda jane  


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