Wednesday, May 15, 2013

H&M coat // Madewell blouse // Vintage Levi's // 3.1 Phillip Lim tote // Blundstone boots

QUICK LESSON: "Never wear boots without socks!"- my blistering heels.

On this slightly overcast yet warm day, I wore an outfit that serves as the perfect example of two things: How to dress up jean shorts and how to wear jean shorts when it's not really that hot out. The blouse, a favorite of mine that I steal from my mom all the time, literally looks good with anything and everything. When I can't figure out what to wear, it's my basic plan B. It's loose, silk, long, and really comfortable. These kind of staple items are quite hard to find, so I am always on the lookout.  I don't loooveee H&M, but when I spied this tweed coat in a window I knew it had to be in my closet. Though, not surprisingly, it looks good with very little, mostly because of its short shape and brightness. I wore it to school today for the first time, after finally concocting an ensemble in my head the  night before. The boots, also my moms, I absolutely love. It's now though a love/hate relationship- I guess now I'll be able to finally get a pair for myself after a trip to the nurse and an art class without shoes. Never again will I wear a pair of boots a size to small, or without socks. Once again, fashion hurts.

xo amanda jane 


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