Thursday, August 29, 2013

(even though I'm not going)
Not to be cheesy, but it has always been a huge dream of mine to venture to the Big Apple for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Because, to be honest, stalking the videos from the shows, the candid street style shots, and envious blog posts is simply not enough. I want to be at the shows, be on the Vogue website for what I wore, and I want to write a post about my opinions on the shows- including my own iPhone photography and gift bag reviews. The surroundings of New York are amazing enough with out Fashion Week, but adding thousands of the world's most stylish is like a dream. Fashion Week is a time to wear the most outrageous clothing items and have no one judge you. It's the perfect place to wear the weirdest stuff you own- everything is acceptable. If I were to be lucky enough to go, I would make sure to bring my most loved and out-there pieces- much like the items collaged above. 
Starting September 5th, the best week ever begins. 

xo amanda jane  


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