Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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I'm stunned by the absolutely crazy but beautiful styling at Givenchy's Paris Fashion Week 2014 show. The diamond incrusted faces are extremely innovative- never seen before on the runway. I love the creativity and it was executed very well, but maybe it's too much? Along with the blinged-out ears, does the glitter make to much of a statement? Does it distract from the clothing- the main event? I think it does. I think the masks are completely amazing- but I think they would be better if they were a part of a Vogue beauty spread, for example. 
At the end of it all though, I applaud the choice of the makeup- SO cool.

P.S. it has come to my attention many people do not know how to pronounce Givenchy. It is not Giv-in-chee. It is really Jhee-von-shee. Please and thank you. 

xo amanda jane 


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