Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Upon my tumblr's second birthday, I would like to celebrate the benefits of having one. I'm not a huge tumblr blogger, but throughout these two years (longer than I have had this blog, just saying...) I have noticed the goods and bads that tumblr has to offer. Good: You can find an image or GIF of absolutely anything. Bad: Most of these images and GIFs are not created by the blogger who's tumblr in which they reside. 
I have used my tumblr as a mood board of sorts- I just post stuff that inspires me, but thats all. I don't upload my own photos, and even though people take pride in their "hipster" every-teenage-grungy-girl blogs, I personally think tumblr is way too easy. Most blogs have no text for their images, and all the photos are usually just taken from others' blogs. Although there are many of these blogs, there are also a lot of amazing blogs that contain original photos and text, which display hard work and determination, that I admire.

Here's my tumblr:

xo amanda jane 


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