Friday, November 1, 2013

Topshop sweatshirt, leather jacket, and boots// BP skirt// Chanel bag// Faux Chanel two-toned shades

Ok...so you could say I'm Topshop-obsessed, but that's beside the point. I was recently experimenting with my new favorite embroidered sweatshirt (a great subtle color pop for my otherwise neutral outfits), and I decided to wear it with this simple (and very comfortable) black cotton skirt (originally bought for my seventh grade Bar Mitzvah going self). That ensemble was cute and simple, but it needed something more. Tying the leather jacket around my waist added a sophistication that was otherwise absent in my casual look. It would have never occurred to me that jackets could be worn in any other way but what they were made for, until this sudden flannel-tied-around-the-waist trend sparked an idea for me. You can tie lots of stuff around your waist- chambray tops, sweaters, military jackets, ect. Loving the leather look for more extravagant outings.

xo amanda jane


  1. loving the idea of tying a top/jacket/sweater around your waist as an accessory to an outfit. genius!

    xx ella


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