Hairy Situation

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My hair has had its fair share of up and downs, whether it be my early teen years of brushing my waves while they were dry (um... not sure how I thought that was a good idea), or my experimental blonde highlights/ ombre style that I kinda still maintain. Upon a recent hair cut (way too short, as usual), my locks have been rid almost completely of my blonde tips, and have gained an awkward puffiness and symmetricalness. Not that I would ever change my hair drastically while I'm still in high school, but I can't help but dream of a fresh new style. Here are a few that I have considered:

 A shade darker.

At the moment, my hair is a light hue of brown (and if I were to name its color, it would be called Golden Brown Marshmallow). Maybe dying it just a bit deeper brown would add the sophistication so well presented in the above photo? Maybe. 

Typical ombre.

I have sported the ombre look for about two years, and I really do love it. But, is it becoming too cliche? Just a little. But, if anyone is just experimenting, ombre is perfect- if it looks awful, you can just snip it off! To tell the truth, I probably will venture back to this 'do because, well, old habits die hard. 

*And look at how fab SJP looks!

Really dark.

This is something I have only recently considered. But, as much as I adore the look of dark-hair-light-eyes, dying light hair really dark is quite the commitment- talk about awkward roots if you decide to grow it out!

Platinum + dark roots.

Secretly I have always wanted this hair. A simple and edgy makeover that is actually really cool looking. But, this kind of look doesn't suit everyone- and bleaching your hair this much can create major damage. 

Rainbow locks.

I always thought that crazy rainbow hair was cheesy, but that was until I saw Chloe Norgaard. She switches up her colors every season- which is absolutely the most awesome idea ever. But, this may just be the trickiest thing to pull off. Of course everything looks amazing on Chloe. 

I'm not sure what I'll try next, or if I'll end up trying any of these (even though I would love to).

xo amanda jane 


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